Movement _030

single monoline


In a nutshell:

Single Line, Monoline, Minimalist, Art Deco, we’ll call it ‘Single Monoline’. In case you need it explaining, this is a technique using a single stroke width, and usually a 2 colour or simple pallette to create art and design work. The style is popular in Typography, where is is refereed to as Monoline, the style has also been used by some artists and designers for a while, but is recently being popularized and coming into focus in 2019 – catching the attention of retailers, advertisers and big brands.

A bit more:

Like a lot of emergencies and movements, this seems to be an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, a reaction to the ultra minimal. For the past few years we have observed a reduction of detail (and character?) particularly in logo and company brand-marks. Single Monoline style is much more based on intricacy, detail, taking symmetry and balance cues from Art Deco design. A refreshing movement, with tons of opportunity for character and personality.

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