sci-fi resurgence


In a nutshell:

From ‘A Space Odyssey’ to ‘E.T’, Sci-Fi has long been a staple of popular culture. It explores a range of ideas and has countless sub genres such as ‘Tech Noir’ and ‘Cyberpunk’, both representing high tech future contrasted with with a degradation of social order “technology as a destructive and dystopian force”. These are only a couple of examples but the genre explores many philosophies and alternate worlds.

Sci-Fi’s overarching ideas and aesthetic tap into something innately human – the ability and desire to project ourselves into different times. This has been captured and manifested primarily, but not exclusively, in books and films. Sometimes creeping into new territories such as the Neo-futurism movement in the 20th to early 21st century which inspired architects such as Dame Zaha Hadid.

Whether overtly, or subconsciously, Sci-Fi bleeds into modern culture.

This being said, Sci-Fi over the past couple of decades has, arguably, been pigeon holed as a Star Wars comic-con fan fare. Perhaps, forgetting the original premise. The following images explore the use of a Sci-Fi aesthetic for a new audience and in emerging areas such as fashion and music.