Movement _032

op art 02


In a nutshell:

Op Art is short for optical art and is based on visual illusions. It is ususlly, but not exclusively, based on a black and white theme. For more information about the origin of the movement visit twenty75’s original feature twenty75.com/projects/op-art.

A bit more:

The original twenty75 feature on Op Art is the most viewed page on Twenty75.com. This is very telling – there is something innately appealing about this style of art. It’s not necessarily the most beautiful or skillful, but it appeals to our sense of awe and mystery, it appeals to our sense of vision it appeals to our sense of danger? Like a moth to a flame, humans to moving stripes. Whatever the case, OP ART is simply mesmerising.

For the original feature and more insights and information see  twenty75.com/projects/op-art

More recent movements:


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