Movement _027

neon fluorescent


In a nutshell:

Fluorescent is defined as the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation, and neon, an element often used to create a ‘cathode gas-discharge’ light. In the following context, this is not strictly the case, but refers to exceptionally bright colours and finishes that have similar properties to the above, due to their vividness, saturation and brightness. A finish that appears to be light emitting.

A bit more:

In an over-saturated environment, the battle for attention is more and more fierce. Creators and artists have to stick their leg out to be noticed. In 2016/17 pastel colours stood out due to their softness and reduced aesthetic, in a cluttered and loud environment. Now have we gone full circle? Using bold neon statement colours, colour blocking and flourescents to seize people’s valuable attention.

These types of colours also speak to the personality of brands. Being simple but bold creates the feeling of openness and risk-taking, unashamed to show their true colours.

For more colour analysis see Bold Gold. 

More recent movements:


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