graphic physicality


In a nutshell:

In an age of digitisation, creators are increasingly looking to revisit analogue and physical effects. This is a trend that has become apparent arcoss the whole creative industry, from physical effects in films, analugue photography to vinyl audio in the music industry. Creators are redescovering forgotton techniques and creating new ones, to give themselves a creative edge. While ususlly reserved for more traditional sectors, Graphic Physicality has been slowly emerging into the creative industry a modernised and unexpected way. With recognition of projects such as Static Mythologies by Daniel Arsham and Heavyweight Foundary’s Hass Effect, both using variations of the effect. 

Twenty75 have coined the term ‘Graphic Physicality’, which is defined by the non-digital recreation of graphical elements, often by more 3D and physical techniques such as engraving. This is often combined with unexpected and organic materials use such as stone or clay. Follow us more more 2024 trend insights.

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