molten type


In a nutshell:

Molten Type is defined by is fluid-like 3D structure. Its forms are random and nonuniform, with liquid-like details such as dripping or iridescence. It is often created and rendered in 3D to bring it more into a real-world feeling. Many of the examples have a 3d chrome effect , which brings in an almost sci-fi or other-worldly influence. It toys with the idea of it being in a 3D world, but perhaps, one that is not our own.

Like a lot of design trends, ‘Molten Type’ is influenced by the culture and movements around it. Molten type is a stark contrast to the monolithic and rigid ‘slab’ types that have had recent popularity. It also is influenced by the ever-increasing popularity of 3D in graphic design. This also represents an ease and accessibility into open-source design software such as Blender. More generally, the movement represents a feeling of imperfection and expression, which is often hard to communicate with traditional typefaces.

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Download the ‘Chroma Forms’ effect at the following link:
Chroma Forms Ultimate-40 Pack (Download Link)

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