Ones to Watch_005

james clar


In a Nutshell:

James Clar studied Film and Animation at New York University and received his Masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication’s Program.

‘His work explores the conceptual and narrative potential of light and technology. These systems are integrated into our daily lives, altering the way we receive information and communicate. They inform our perception of reality, time, and space. Every system for communication enhances certain types of information while limiting and simplifying others. These modulated effects to our perception have become a thematic focus to his works and a way to experiment with narrative forms.’

 Artist Residency

2020Dynatrace, Linz, Austria

2017Mana Contemporary BSMT Residency, New Jersey

2006Technology Research Institute, FedEx Institute of Technology & Lantana Projects, Memphis

2003New Media Art Institution, Eyebeam Atelier, New York