digital organic II


In a nutshell:

This movement is on fire, so much so, we had to to revisit it.

Design and art has always had a fascination with nature and imperfection. Laws of randomness and nature (perhaps) far surpass the limit of the human imagination. This could be said for computers too. For this reason, computers are being used a a tool for creating complexity and intricacy not conceivable by a human and a pencil.

To further develop this idea, art and design has always had a questionable relationship with maths and science. They are not fields that are often combined. Art and creativity are not fields that like to be associated with the order and structure of computers and digitization. However, as we develop in the digital world, the more we see intricacies and patters that lends it’s self to beautiful art, amazing design and stunning architecture.

Perhaps computers aren’t as artistically inept as we thought.