Movement _028

digital brutalism


In a nutshell:

Digital Brutalism is, perhaps, in reaction to corporate perfectionism, where neatness, order and logic are king and human imperfection, character and personality are lost? A reaction to web design becoming repetitive and calculated? Digital Brutalism’s aesthetic is defined by breaking the rules.

A bit more:

Digital Brutalism, by definition, is raw and unfinished. The word, Brutalism derives from ‘Béton brut’ which literally means Raw Concrete. First associated in architecture with Le Corbusier, who designed the Cite Radieuse in Marseilles in the late-1940s. The digital manifestation of Architectural Brutalism is large, bold lettering, misplaced, unorthodox image placement as well as other unique elements that such as hand drawn elements, sideways text arrangements, vivid colours etc etc.

Different for the sake of different? Or groundbreaking and refreshing? See below for 15 of the best examples.

More recent movements:


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