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Typographic Pixelator Machine

From £14.99

Typographic Pixelator Machine is a 2-click graphic effect, turning your text, logos or graphics into a retro-futuristic style. Using 2 sliders to adjust the effect – you can easily customise the effect’s intensity to suit your needs. All workflows are non-destructive so you can fine-tune and re-visit your designs.


  • 15 pre-made font options included, with editable effect
  • 2 PSD workflows provided (Smart Filter & Pixel Crusher)
  • 2-Click drag and drop workflow
  • Non-destructive fully editable PSDs
  • Smart filter options for filled or outlined effect

Note: To activate the fonts you must have an Adobe CC subscription.




There are 2 methods for Pixelation:

1. Smart Filter

  • This uses a higher resolution and filters to create the effect. 
  • Pros: More control over effect, higher res files
  • Cons: Edges may not be perfectly straight, depending on the graphic
  • How to use: Double click on the smart object and edit the contents

2. Pixel Crusher

  • This uses a small file size to manually reduce the resolution, creating the effect
  • Pros: Creates a ‘perfect’ pixelated effect, with straight edges
  • Cons: Less control over effect, small file size
  • How to use: Edit text directly or replace graphic smart object

Workflow tip: To vectorise the effects, take a high quality screenshot, and paste into Adobe Illustrator.
Image trace the image with Paths: 100% Corners: 100%. Play with the ‘Threshold’ depending on graphic.
Click expand to vectorise fully. 

Additional information


(1) Personal Use, (2) For Business, (3) Commercial Extended


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